Upcoming FUN!  There will be several small weaving workshops coming up.  Check the calendar for the dates!

We will make a small weaving using yarn and material.  All supplies are included, and in 3 hours you will have a cool little wall hanging! 


This spot is open for more fun coming!  Scroll on down to see pictures of prior events and creations.

Pictures from some of our classes, workshops, and just having fun creating!

Below are some pictures at the cottage.  All the paintings are by Ricardo Gomez, some shown are originals and some are giclee prints.  Any of the paintings you love of Ricardo's can be purchased in a giclee print, which is a print on canvas that looks like an original. Be sure to check his web site: www.ArtofRicardo.com

Our second open house had a door prize of a large pottery leaf made by Marcia.  Ardel was so happy

her name was pulled as the winner!

Enjoy these pictures from around the Craft Cottage; workshops and classes, upcoming workshops, and just having fun creating!

Our first open house we had a surprise door prize of a giclee print of one of Ricardo's pieces, called Regatta.  It was to the delight of Angela that her name was pulled as the winner!

A picture of some of the pottery by Marcia and a vase by Dori.  The beautiful vase has been sold.  The large yarn bowl was a commisioned piece and is sold.  Feel free to contact us if you would like similar custom made for you!

Upcoming FUN!  Make a unique birdhouse in April!  This little charmer is easy to make and all materials will be furnished, along with something to drink and some munchies. Check the calendar for the day in April and other info.

Birds of a feather may flock together, but a bird with this home will never roam! This project will incorporate a different type of grouting. It is a hands-on class that provides a basic understanding and the skills for creating beautiful outdoor mosaics. This mosaic birdhouse project is approx. 6” - 7”. There will be no glass cutting in this class, as we’ll be using rocks, marbles, and even pinecones!   No art or mosaic experience is required!



A six-class series that covers clairvoyance (psychic vision), clairaudience (psychic hearing), clairsentience (psychic feelings), claircognizance (psychic knowing), meditation, progression, past life regression, using angel cards, crystals & stones, salt, clearing, cleansing, energy wrapping and aura reading.  

This series is held by Psychic Medium Ruth Teresa.

Ruth will also be holding some group readings.  Check the calendar for the dates.  These are forthcoming, so no dates have been added yet.